Friday, March 24, 2006

I need to get laid!

Ok, seriously, I really need to get laid, or at least get a girl friend. I guess I don't need sex, but I really would like a girl friend. I want someone to love me in a non-friend, non-parental way. I'm a college freshman in California, and even though I'm in a really liberal part of the University it does not mean that the girls I am surrounded by are all extremely attractive, all in their own individual ways. I have a 22 year old student teacher that is graduating this year, and I'm "in love" with her but I'm not sure why. This girl down the hall is the hottest blonde ever and she's pretty fucking smart too. This other girl down the hall is the hottest "Latino" girl in the world and is nice and chill as all hell. There is this hot tennis player down stairs, with a hot, large breasted brunet for a roommate. The tennis player on the floor below that has the body of an angle, and the girl next door to me is a hot, skinny, dark blonde at about 5'8". In the building next door, which is still part of the particular program I am in, there is this dark haired, tanned skin colored girl with perfect breasts, and a perfect attitude and a mind of poetry. The list goes on and on and on and on! Yet non of these beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, kind, loving young women seem to take notice of me. I know I'm not the most attractive guy on earth, but I can't be that bad, and my personality can't be that bad ether, or can it? I'm starting to wonder if I'm imagining half my life, and I really am totally fucking nuts around these girls . . . .

Anyway, I still need a girl friend, I really don't want a one night stand, I want a relationship god damn it, so come and get me ladies, because I'm a smart, sometimes funny guy with a heart of gold and fire.

Downloadable films to own . . . . Legally!

I recently came across this post on! I cannot wait until I can legally download a film, oh wait, never mind, I can wait. I can wait until they reasonably price the god damned things. If it is only ten dollars or so a movie, this will be sweet, especially if you get the DVD in the mail like the article mentions, because the day I trust my windows operating system and the hard drives it controls is the day I drown my self in my own shit. That is how much I trust windows.

On a side note, the McDonalds of Redlands, California, on Colton Ave really needs to instruct their employees to ask what kind of sauce you want for your chicken selects, and your chicken nuggets. Also, their night employees look a little bored, maybe give them some entertainment, and tell them to be more enthusiastic, or at least look like they are awake? Yes, I can criticize McDonalds' employees because I have worked their my self.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Airport Screening

Hey, here's a guy who has a brain, and works for one of my favorit sites, Wired! Of course more computers should be involved in airport screening, and I know that I could get a gun on board a plane with a bullet, in fact I have thought of trying just to see what happens. I should be a security tester, seriosly, my brain is always thinking of ways to get around different security, and if I was legaly alowed to try, I would do it, and have a fucking blast!

Your Online Rights!

I urge everyone to go to the Chilling Effects website, because they are trying to protect the average computer user from being bullied by companies. If you have ever gotten a cease and desist letter/email, or know someone who has, from a company, please go to the website and tell your friends too!

Dell to buy Alienware

Oh great, so, Dell is going to buy Alienware, meaning one less company for them to compete with. I really don't understand why Dell is doing this a year after launching their own line of gaming PC's. This means two name brand competitors will no longer be competing with each other, possibly raising prices in the long run. I feel this is bad for the consumer in the long run, because the less people there are owning/controlling companies, the less competition, meaning higher prices.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is France Really Doing The Right Thing?

Recently, Wired posted this article, claiming that France would be doing the right thing forcing Apple (and other companies) to make the music they sell via their websites playable on any hardware, not just their own proprietary music players.

While this would be good to the consumers, I think France is trying to push a company around too much. Many people say that companies and corporations get to many advantages legally over people, and I'm not disputing that, but don't try to fix that fact by taking away rights from them that people do have, like the right to sell what the god damned fuck they want to fucking sell as long as it is not hurting anyone! (wait, I guess the rest of the world doesn't have that law ether, because you can't sell weed in most countries legally). While maybe Apple should sell the music in a less proprietary way, they shouldn't have to, and if this legislation gets passed, I think Apple and other companies should stop selling in France completely, if only to make a point, because it will save them from being bullied in the long run.

Keep in mind I'm not a god damned conservative pig, I just think if people are not hurting other people, they should have the freedom to do what they god damned well please!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Possible loss of civil rights?

Hey, looks like airline passengers are losing even more rights. Wired had this article, which is about how the Ninth circuit Court of Appeals ruled that once a traveler walks through the airport metal detector, they cannot change their minds if they get singled out for more extensive "testing".

This is a blatant violation of our civil rights, and I hope someone with the means to do so fights this case all the way to the "Supreme Court". I use quotations, because the idea of a court made up of mostly old white men being supreme is just preposterous. They are not any better than the majority of the country's population, and are not put in office in a truly democratic way. If we are to have a "Supreme Court", its members should be voted in by a vote of all Americans on a purely popular vote, no electoral college or anything like it. I realize I got a little carried away there, but please be aware that your freedoms and civil rights are slowly but surely disappearing.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Are you sure that was like an atomic bomb?

Using Google's wonderful customizable homepage, I ran across the heading "'Atomic' storm shatters Innisfail." Of course I had to read it because of the word atomic, but it ended up being this; yet another big storm. While I am sure it was a huge, scary ass storm, why would anyone liken it to an atomic explosion?! Atomic explosions of any merit destroy everything within a radius of at least half a mile, and knock over things within a radius of several miles, and kill things within an even larger radius due to nuclear fallout. So again I ask: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LIKENING IT TO AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION?!

Yes I am angry, angry at many things, especially human stupidity. Besides the fact that idiots are likening this to an atomic explosion, the fact that this storm could have been avoided is even more enraging. Yes, I said the storm could have been avoided, because in all likelihood the storm was caused by non-other than that evil little phrase Global Warming! Has anyone noticed in the last year and a half how there have been more big storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis than ever before? Think about it for -beep's- sake!!!

Be back later for another rant.

Jeez, we can make fuel out of plants! Who knew?!

I'm sick and tire of articles like this one that act like biofuel is a new thing. I've been hearing about this for 4 years now, and it was created in the 1980s, but people are too god damned stupid to notice that they could run their cars and help slow down global warming for over 20 god damned years!!! Hey, for the past year it would have even been cheaper, with some saying it would only cost $1.49 per gallon with a machine you can own your self! Imagine if it was mass marketed, it could be even cheaper! Wake up America, and all you other nations that like to follow in our stupidity!