Thursday, August 10, 2006

Airport Security

Trying to beef up airport security is pretty fucking funny in my mind. For one, about 90% of the time, I know I could get a gun and at least one bullet on board of a plane. The only times I probably could not would be on those rare occasions where I get patted down. See, Glock makes a 95% plastic gun, with only the barrel, firing spring, and a few other small parts being metal. Therefore the majority of the gun would pass a metal detector. The other part could easily be fitted into everyday items: firing pen would go into the inside of an expensive, all metal pen. The barrel, a larger metal item such as a cane (got to learn to fake a limp pretty damn well, but its do-able), or a laptop or something like that. Hell you could create a pocket in your metal laptop case or something. Why would anyone want one bullet to create terror on a plane? Well, one bullet can easily take an airliner down at high altitudes, just shoot a window, the plane depressurises, bad things happen, and most of the time the plane will crash. BTW, I am not a terrorist, I just think being so fucking worried about terrorists is a waist of time.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sex, Life, and Such.

Yeah so sex, um, it would be nice, but I'd like a long term partner, have no idea where to look around the area that I live. Life is boring, can't wait to get back to school. Also at school there are more ladies in the area, so finding a girl friend will hopefully be easier. Didn't find one last year, I should expand my horrizons a bit. Oh well.