Saturday, March 18, 2006

Google vs. Bush

Recently the Bush administration (or should I say the Cheney administration?) has subpoenaed Google for a list of 50,000 randomly selected websites indexed by its search engine, and for a list of what people have been searching for. A federal judge recently ordered Google to provide the list of websites, but through out the government's demands for the search terms.

The government did not want to use this information in a criminal case, it wanted the data to do a study. The government should not have the right to subpoena a company for data to do a study, they should have to ask nicely just like everyone.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Back to a different Google case

Here is a case that shows how google got fucked. I know I wrote about this somewhere, but I'm writing it again here; IT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT that Google gets fucked for showing clips from other people’s websites that illegally put up images from websites such as Perfect 10! Anyway, go Google, Google fucking rocks your fucking ass off!

Google wins a (relitively small) court case!!

YAY! Again I have something from Google won a case against some writer who said his writes were being infringed on when google showed a small portion of his website in their search resalts and a small portion of his usenet posting. Article is here: Google wins!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why Bill Gates is still a good person

This post is in response to other blog posts I have seen reacting to Bill Gates mocking the $100 laptop program set up to help developing countries. I agree that Bill Gates should not have sarcasticly mocked this program, but calling him a jackass and a selfish bastard is going a bit far. Calling him arrogant is just stupid, because of course he is arrogant, he became the richist man in the world! But calling Bill Gates selfish is just too much; perhaps he does have too much money, but he gives away more money a year than all the people calling him selfish will ever see, so he's still doing much more than they are. Plus, when he dies he plans on giving 99% of his holdings away to charities, only giving 1% of it to his wife and children. If this is a selfish act, than what in hell is a good act.

While I wish that Microsoft's products were cheaper, one has to admire the fact that Gates gives away so much money, and will be giving away billions when he dies. I also want to say that all of these people calling him arrogant and unmedia friendly would most likely act much more like him if they had done the things he has done, and also faced as much criticism as he has faced.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mandriva (Previously Mandrake) Fires it's Founder

I recently found this story on Slashdot. I find it appalling that any company would fire the person who helped creat it. That is the ultimate act of treachery in the business world. I hope Gael Duval wins his lawsuit. His idea of an easy to use Linux was a great idea. The links on Slashdot are interesting; basicly the new boss of Mandriva said that Gael was being laid off. Why would you lay off the person most influential in creating the company your now the head of?
Another question I have is why in hell did Gael Duval let himself not be the boss of the company? I beleive if you have control of a company, never lose that control, even if you just hold on to more stock than anyone else. I'd like to hear some other opinions out there, so comment!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finding a job

So, my parents have told me that this summer I have to find a job, otherwise I can't live at home. Its fair, especialy since they are paying for my college education. My problem is I am extremely unmotivated because I cannot think of any job a 19 year old can do that is interesting. Working at McDonalds after my Junior year was not hard, but it was still a horrible job because of how boring it was. Working at my dad's office last year was better, but still repetitive, but the people working there were much more mature. I would like to get a job as a video game tester, especialy computer games, because I love video games, love to critize video games, and can write well when motivated.
If anyone knows of any company that a 19 year old living in Oregon can get a job at testing video games, or even other jobs involving computers, please let me know through the coments link. The company could also be in Washinton or California. Thanks, hope some people are reading this, I know I need to come up with a steady topic, but for now, go Google!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More random thoughts about Google

Does anyone else feel that Google should "take over the world"? I feel that if they took over many areas relating too technology that the world would be a much beter run place. Google is all about new ideas, which is exactly what our society needs right now. More thoughts on Google to come.

I hate life sometimes

Alright, right now I am drunk, I don't get drunk too often, so don't think I'm a crazy partier. All I have to say is that my life sucks in some ways, and here is the ways: I have the worst luck with girls/women that anyone could have. I'm always the "friend" or even the "cute friend" but never will I be of boyfriend material. I swear, the second a girl sees me, she puts me in friend catagory, and it really fucking sucks!!!


Sorry everyone, a little drunk and depressed right now, but everything I just said is the truth, I just woudn't normaly let anyone know that.