Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why Bill Gates is still a good person

This post is in response to other blog posts I have seen reacting to Bill Gates mocking the $100 laptop program set up to help developing countries. I agree that Bill Gates should not have sarcasticly mocked this program, but calling him a jackass and a selfish bastard is going a bit far. Calling him arrogant is just stupid, because of course he is arrogant, he became the richist man in the world! But calling Bill Gates selfish is just too much; perhaps he does have too much money, but he gives away more money a year than all the people calling him selfish will ever see, so he's still doing much more than they are. Plus, when he dies he plans on giving 99% of his holdings away to charities, only giving 1% of it to his wife and children. If this is a selfish act, than what in hell is a good act.

While I wish that Microsoft's products were cheaper, one has to admire the fact that Gates gives away so much money, and will be giving away billions when he dies. I also want to say that all of these people calling him arrogant and unmedia friendly would most likely act much more like him if they had done the things he has done, and also faced as much criticism as he has faced.


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