Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mandriva (Previously Mandrake) Fires it's Founder

I recently found this story on Slashdot. I find it appalling that any company would fire the person who helped creat it. That is the ultimate act of treachery in the business world. I hope Gael Duval wins his lawsuit. His idea of an easy to use Linux was a great idea. The links on Slashdot are interesting; basicly the new boss of Mandriva said that Gael was being laid off. Why would you lay off the person most influential in creating the company your now the head of?
Another question I have is why in hell did Gael Duval let himself not be the boss of the company? I beleive if you have control of a company, never lose that control, even if you just hold on to more stock than anyone else. I'd like to hear some other opinions out there, so comment!


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