Saturday, March 11, 2006

Business Plans

Well, today my friend and I have decided we are going to ether start a business, or patent an invention of his. If we do the later, we will problably sell the rights to use the patent and use the capital to start a business partnership. The reason we would not sell the actual patent is that if his idea works, it would make a lot of money in the long run, and losing control over it would not be good for us, even if we were paid a larg amount to begin with. All I can say about the idea is that it involves the energy industry, and if we were not able to start the business its self, we might be able to get money to be quiet about the idea, because it could revolutionize the energy industry, but I promis nothing, just being hopeful.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Last monday I went to Ultraviolet. I have to say that this movie was not very good, for two reasons: 1) For the most part the dialog made the story line more confusing, especialy towards the end of the movie. 2) I didn't like the movie makers' try at a comic book look, it made everything look kind of fuzzy.

On the plus side, this film had one of the, if not the, best bullet time scenes I have ever seen. The movie is worth seeing, but only if you like good action, and a few good science fiction ideas.

This is not supposed to be a full movie review, just some thoughts.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Google Click Fraud

I think that the recent settlement Google anounced here is nuts! Why should the be responsible for others' "crimes"? They are not the one using the Google ads to drive companies down, and why is clicking a link so wrong anyway?! I feel like I should go and start clicking links right now just to pice off these businesses that think they need to be protected by someone with more money than them. I know I didn't make to much sense in that last sentance, but still, this lawsuit and now proposed settlement is bullshit. Google has, from my perspective, shown no ill-will or carelesness, and should not be punished by others' fraud. Becides, Google is free for the masses, and should be supported by the masses! No, I am not some employee of google, I'm a 19 year old college student in from OR going to School in CA.

From here on out, bloogs will be randomly posted, but if you liked this blog, and want my opinions about anything else, please notify me (that is if blooger has that feature, if not sorry, don't have an email to give you at this time).