Friday, April 14, 2006

Gun Laws

While I am not a gun nut, not a member of the NRA, nor a republican, I think that the state gun laws are a little nuts. One could validly say they violate the right to Bear Arms; to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon, one must pay a bunch of fees, and wait a long time. And permits are not legal in other states for the most part. While I don't want criminals having guns, I don't think I should have to pay a fee to get my 2nd amendment rights. One can equate it with voting. The Supreme Court ruled (don't remember the year(s)) that Poll Taxes, and literacy tests were illegal ways of disenfranchising people. One could say that so is the fees required to get a back ground check to buy guns.
If the state is going to require a back ground check, which I think is a great idea, the state should pay for it, because it disenfranchises the people that only have the money for the gun. Like if a friend wanted to make a sale of a gun to you perfectly legal and was selling it for $20 and $20 was all you had, the fee would be harmful to you. I don't think that just because people think guns are bad, and voting good, that they should not have to abide by the same rules. We need to get rid of double standards in this country, rather than make more. We already have double standards when it comes to sex, do we really need it when it comes to constitutional rights?!

Iran's Quest to Become a Nuclear Power

So what if Iran want Nukes? The United States has no god damned right to censure Iran for attempting to enrich uranium, nor does any of the permanent members of the UN Security Counsel, BECAUSE ALL OF THEM ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! And the US has more than any of them!!!!! Why doesn't the New York Times and all the other major newspapers write about that?!!! Hypocrites!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Study Says Gamers Violent Potheads

Yes, I know, the title of this posting, as well of this article sound as if it came from The Onion. "That alone disqualifies the article, or at least the study, its self!" Said my intelligent dorm neighbor. This study was not large enough to mean jack shit. Plus, does that mean anything is wrong with the games. Generally I'll agree that violence is a bad thing, but not nearly as much as idiotic pacifists believe. If something is worth it, I'll kill over. Killing is one of the most difficult thing for many people to do, but if its worth it, they will do it, but think about it first. And what the hell is wrong with Pot, besides the fact our idiotic government made it illegal because some idiots said it led to rape and violence. The potheads I know would much rather sit down and eat when high than get into a fight with someone, and I go to a liberal college in a liberal university (yes colleges can be part of universities). Sorry to get off on a random rant of disconnected thoughts, but anyway, keep shooting people in games, because for me, it stops me from beating the shit out of them in real life, so for you it could do the same thing.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Shooters Rock

Finaly some praise,from something closer to mainstream media than pc gamer, for first person shooters. Clive Thompson has it right on the money.