Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Study Says Gamers Violent Potheads

Yes, I know, the title of this posting, as well of this article sound as if it came from The Onion. "That alone disqualifies the article, or at least the study, its self!" Said my intelligent dorm neighbor. This study was not large enough to mean jack shit. Plus, does that mean anything is wrong with the games. Generally I'll agree that violence is a bad thing, but not nearly as much as idiotic pacifists believe. If something is worth it, I'll kill over. Killing is one of the most difficult thing for many people to do, but if its worth it, they will do it, but think about it first. And what the hell is wrong with Pot, besides the fact our idiotic government made it illegal because some idiots said it led to rape and violence. The potheads I know would much rather sit down and eat when high than get into a fight with someone, and I go to a liberal college in a liberal university (yes colleges can be part of universities). Sorry to get off on a random rant of disconnected thoughts, but anyway, keep shooting people in games, because for me, it stops me from beating the shit out of them in real life, so for you it could do the same thing.


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