Friday, March 24, 2006

Downloadable films to own . . . . Legally!

I recently came across this post on! I cannot wait until I can legally download a film, oh wait, never mind, I can wait. I can wait until they reasonably price the god damned things. If it is only ten dollars or so a movie, this will be sweet, especially if you get the DVD in the mail like the article mentions, because the day I trust my windows operating system and the hard drives it controls is the day I drown my self in my own shit. That is how much I trust windows.

On a side note, the McDonalds of Redlands, California, on Colton Ave really needs to instruct their employees to ask what kind of sauce you want for your chicken selects, and your chicken nuggets. Also, their night employees look a little bored, maybe give them some entertainment, and tell them to be more enthusiastic, or at least look like they are awake? Yes, I can criticize McDonalds' employees because I have worked their my self.


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