Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Possible loss of civil rights?

Hey, looks like airline passengers are losing even more rights. Wired had this article, which is about how the Ninth circuit Court of Appeals ruled that once a traveler walks through the airport metal detector, they cannot change their minds if they get singled out for more extensive "testing".

This is a blatant violation of our civil rights, and I hope someone with the means to do so fights this case all the way to the "Supreme Court". I use quotations, because the idea of a court made up of mostly old white men being supreme is just preposterous. They are not any better than the majority of the country's population, and are not put in office in a truly democratic way. If we are to have a "Supreme Court", its members should be voted in by a vote of all Americans on a purely popular vote, no electoral college or anything like it. I realize I got a little carried away there, but please be aware that your freedoms and civil rights are slowly but surely disappearing.


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