Monday, March 20, 2006

Are you sure that was like an atomic bomb?

Using Google's wonderful customizable homepage, I ran across the heading "'Atomic' storm shatters Innisfail." Of course I had to read it because of the word atomic, but it ended up being this; yet another big storm. While I am sure it was a huge, scary ass storm, why would anyone liken it to an atomic explosion?! Atomic explosions of any merit destroy everything within a radius of at least half a mile, and knock over things within a radius of several miles, and kill things within an even larger radius due to nuclear fallout. So again I ask: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LIKENING IT TO AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION?!

Yes I am angry, angry at many things, especially human stupidity. Besides the fact that idiots are likening this to an atomic explosion, the fact that this storm could have been avoided is even more enraging. Yes, I said the storm could have been avoided, because in all likelihood the storm was caused by non-other than that evil little phrase Global Warming! Has anyone noticed in the last year and a half how there have been more big storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis than ever before? Think about it for -beep's- sake!!!

Be back later for another rant.


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