Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is France Really Doing The Right Thing?

Recently, Wired posted this article, claiming that France would be doing the right thing forcing Apple (and other companies) to make the music they sell via their websites playable on any hardware, not just their own proprietary music players.

While this would be good to the consumers, I think France is trying to push a company around too much. Many people say that companies and corporations get to many advantages legally over people, and I'm not disputing that, but don't try to fix that fact by taking away rights from them that people do have, like the right to sell what the god damned fuck they want to fucking sell as long as it is not hurting anyone! (wait, I guess the rest of the world doesn't have that law ether, because you can't sell weed in most countries legally). While maybe Apple should sell the music in a less proprietary way, they shouldn't have to, and if this legislation gets passed, I think Apple and other companies should stop selling in France completely, if only to make a point, because it will save them from being bullied in the long run.

Keep in mind I'm not a god damned conservative pig, I just think if people are not hurting other people, they should have the freedom to do what they god damned well please!!!


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