Friday, March 24, 2006

I need to get laid!

Ok, seriously, I really need to get laid, or at least get a girl friend. I guess I don't need sex, but I really would like a girl friend. I want someone to love me in a non-friend, non-parental way. I'm a college freshman in California, and even though I'm in a really liberal part of the University it does not mean that the girls I am surrounded by are all extremely attractive, all in their own individual ways. I have a 22 year old student teacher that is graduating this year, and I'm "in love" with her but I'm not sure why. This girl down the hall is the hottest blonde ever and she's pretty fucking smart too. This other girl down the hall is the hottest "Latino" girl in the world and is nice and chill as all hell. There is this hot tennis player down stairs, with a hot, large breasted brunet for a roommate. The tennis player on the floor below that has the body of an angle, and the girl next door to me is a hot, skinny, dark blonde at about 5'8". In the building next door, which is still part of the particular program I am in, there is this dark haired, tanned skin colored girl with perfect breasts, and a perfect attitude and a mind of poetry. The list goes on and on and on and on! Yet non of these beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, kind, loving young women seem to take notice of me. I know I'm not the most attractive guy on earth, but I can't be that bad, and my personality can't be that bad ether, or can it? I'm starting to wonder if I'm imagining half my life, and I really am totally fucking nuts around these girls . . . .

Anyway, I still need a girl friend, I really don't want a one night stand, I want a relationship god damn it, so come and get me ladies, because I'm a smart, sometimes funny guy with a heart of gold and fire.


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