Friday, April 28, 2006

Questionable Patents

Should you really be able to patent such non specific ideas as using chat on the samescreen as you are watching your TV on? That it just what Microsoft did. Its not even a new idea, its not an invention specificly, its A GOD DAMNED FUCKING IDEA THAT HAS BEEN THOUGHT OF BEFORE!!! THE STUPIDITY OF THIS NATION IS ALMOST STUNNINING; THEN I REALISE WHO MY NEIGHBORS ARE.

Military Censorship

Should it be legal for the Pentagon to withhold pictures, film footage, and blogs from the public when they are taken by military personal as they did with one tape of footage from the up coming film War Tapes?

Personally I think that this kind of censor ship is bullshit, mostly because the tapes, pictures, and blogs they are censoring do not show anything related to our national security, unless you consider footage and stories of American brutality and the honest truth of war to be related to our national security, which one could argue it does, because some of the footage being held back would lead to other governments wanting to attack America.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Please No!!!

Check this shit out. May whatever you believe in save you from prison, and the assraping that will folow.