Sunday, November 12, 2006

Campaign Finace Reform

The Onion has a good article about Campaign Finance Reform. It makes fun of it, or at least some of the arguments for it. I will say now that I do not know very much about the official position taken by people who want to reform Campaign Financing, but it seems to me that whoever wants to spend money on a campaign should be able to with whatever amount of money they chose, ether that, or a set amount for every person and corporation. In this scenarios everyone and every company and corporation, would have to give the same amount, no less, no more. But is that still fare? While I identify my self as a progressive in many respects, I also believe that people should have a certain amount of freedom to do what they want with their own fucking money (after taxes of course). This is not to say I think it is ok to use one's money to do things like order a killing, because that would be illegal even if no money was involved because one would still be ordering a kill. This annalogy can apply to many different scenarios.


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