Monday, August 14, 2006

Airline Security (again)

Why are we so damned concerned about airline security? Why is preventing death from terrorists/murders so much more important than preventing deaths caused by accidents, diseases, etc? More people die from car accidents every year than in 10 average years of plane crashes. Hell, more kids die of starvation everyday than the amount of people killed from the terrorists attacks of 9/11. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, die every year from diseases that are preventable. On top of that, we still have to many babies, so lots of people die, but we make way to many.

How about we start preventing deaths from easily preventable things that also improve the quality of life for people in developing nations, rather than making the quality of life in "developed" nations worse? I never have been, and never will be more scared of a terrorist attack than of dyeing in a car accident, and you know what? I still drive as fast as my car will let me without going off the road/getting pulled over (I go slow only when I think cops will be around).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Love you blog articles.
A passionate fan for years so I started my own blog :-)

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Blogger WCD_Thor said...

Thanks man

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