Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I want in a girl

Likes to play video/computer games, or at least understands my need to play sometimes
Able to take the lead in the relationship, though not be pushy. Wow putting feelings into words is much harder than you might think.
Not more than 15-20 pounds overweight, sorry but I have to be physically attracted.
usually I like long hair, but short can be ok, as long as its no shorter than 4 inches.
height is not too important, over 5' and ok with a guy who is 5'8"+ and overweight (but planning on loosing some when I recover from surgery).
Loves animals, especially black labs-currently my lab is the most important thing to me, so you got to get a long with her.
Politically liberal is best, but you don't have to be that active, but I hate getting in fights about politics, so we have to mostly agree.
I don't care what kind of economic back ground you are from, as long as you don't give me shit about having a doctor as a father, I have gotten that bullshit enough, he works harder than anyone I know and deserves every god damned last penny he makes. I don't even get along with him that well, but I have come to terms with him being called one of the best family practice doctors all the other doctors he comes in contact with have known.

I'll post more later about what I want from a girl.


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