Saturday, June 17, 2006

Star Wars Cards for Sale

Hello everyone, I have about 10 thousand, yes 10,000, Star Wars CCG cards from the original Star Wars CCG series, not the new Jedi one, for sale. I am asking for $2000 dollars because at least 500 of the cards have price tags at $1, 200 cards at over $2, and another 200 at over $5 and about 100 over $10. The rest of the cards are worth between $00.01 and $00.99, most come in at 10 cents though. If you would like to purchase these cards, or have a large list of specific cards you want, please contact me. I will soon be posting this item on ebay, but if you email me within the next few days, you can get whatever you want. Please don't come to me if you have a purchase smallar than $20 to make though, I just don't have time to deal with small requests, anything at $20 and up please feel free to contact me. After say $50 you get free shipping unless you are ordering all 10,000 cards, that has a flat rate of $30 shiping, $50 with insurance, or if you live near Woodburn, Oregon you can come pick them up your selves.


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