Sunday, May 07, 2006

One of the nutty things girls do

Girls can be nuts. Or perhaps I should say young women, but for the purpose of me saving time, I'm going to say to hell with PC and use girls, if you have a problem, please tell me, but I can't promise I will care.

Anyway, one thing that girls do, mind you these are extremely gorgeous girls, that I find completely nuts and annoying is when they complain to another gorgeous girl right in front of you, a male that identifies with the mostly heterosexual identity, that she cannot find any guys to have sex with.

There is a girl on my floor that has done this several times while I was near her, and every time I want to yell, "What about me?! Take me!!!!" but I don't, because that would be me reaching for a girl clearly above my level; because of course she means that there are no guys that will go out with her that she finds attractive. Or does she? Is she trying to get the attention of the guys that are like me, that feel very attracted to her but wont approach her because we think she is way out of our league. Is she trying to get us to approach her because she feels that we really are within her league?!

Someone help me with this struggle, because if there is a chance that I wont get shot down by this girl, I need to know, because she is gorgeous, smart, and funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say go for it and get shot down. The problem here is that the girl considers you to be invisible, or she wouldn't say such stupid things right in front of you. It's very likely that she means she can't find any guys she is attracted to to have sex, but that's not what she's saying. Perhaps having to rebuff unwanted advances will teach her to speak more precisely. At the very least you won't be invisible to her any more. She'll be paying more attention to her surroundings and therefore you. Is negative attention better than being invisible? Only you can decide that.

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