Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh comedy

Just watching Dane Cook on youtube.com right now, watching one of the 23 minute clips from the Insomniac Tour. He's pretty funny, but one joke pissed me off a bit, the one about the phone camera's. There is still a lot of fucking people out there who don't have camera phones, or if they do, have never used that function because they got the phone free and just wanted a fucking phone! Also, the picture buttons are not all in the same god damned spot, so I think that was a pretty bad joke.

His joke about being drunk and dry heaving at a party is pretty fucking funny. Though the worst thing is total dry heaves the next morning. Happened to me once after a night of not drinking that much, it was weird that way. Anyway, I felt like I was going to die-I was in pain, and every orifice, except my ears, on my head started expelling liquid! My nose was dripping, my mouth watering, but not like normal, my eyes were watery and I couldn't see. It was nuts, and then I felt horrible for the rest of the day.


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