Friday, August 04, 2006

U.S. Senate Votes To Limit Free Speech

Well, were all doomed. Please go to the link and at least read the clips from the article that is on slashdot. As soon as I have robbed enough banks to afford my own country (yes buying an island and turning it into a country has been done before!) I am buying one, and I will let hackers reside there!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Forgot to spell check last post btw. Also, I see the Cingular has way more phone choices, anyone know why Verizon has so little? Because the seem to have great service in all the other ways, but a shitty selection of phones. Vote for your favorite cell phone service, and i'll keep track.


Lately I have been wanting to get a new phone, and perhaps, switch to a different provider. I read several gadget blogs, including the very popular Gizmodo. I want to get a cool, slim phone that can play mp3s, or at least mp3 ringtones. I currently have Verizon (in a business plan with parents), and have an upgrade using Verizon's 2 year upgrade program thingy, that requires another two years be added to our contract. I could get a RAZR for free, but I hear that Verizon stupidly blocks the use of MP3 ringtones for their phones. I could get the new Chocolate phone for 50 bucks, but I have heard that Verizon will not alow the use of your own MP3s, that instead you have to buy the songs from them for 2 dollars (WTF kind of price is that anyway?!). If anyone is an expert on phones, their advice would be really helpfull. Also, a co-worker of mine said that her husband heard that an iPod phone is comming out withen a month or two, is this true, and if so should I wait to upgrade my phone? Perhaps she just meant a phone that was even better than the current phones with iTunes capability, because as far as I know, their is no official information about an iPod phone. Please comment if you know anything, and your email would be great so I can get in touch with you if you are an expert (I'll delete it after I get it if you want)