Saturday, June 03, 2006

Shelby GT500

I need that car man! NEED IT. So, Gone In 60 Seconds is one of my favorite movies, purely because of the cars, and as such, I really want a 1967 Shelby GT500. The problem is, an original restored one, the price tag is around $130,000. If any goodharted, car loving, rich person would like to give me ether the money to buy one, the car, or any fast, cool sports car, even if it needs to be fixed up a hell of a lot, I would be eternaly gratefull and do almost anything. I say almost because some people I just wont kill for you.
Seriosly, any help in getting a car that is better than a 1993 Subaru Legacy Wagen would be great, and I would be very thankfull. I also like cars that have a $30k price tag, so if you don't want to put $100+K into me, I understand. I am not joking, I am looking for a miricle here!

Pirating, should I be for it or against it?

I am unsure as to whether I should support the people pirating music, movies, and software. One argument for their support could be a claim that they are forcing the big names in the industry to lower prices so they can compete with the piraters (Face it, $20+ is way to much to pay for a god damned movie!). An opposing argument could be made stating that they are forcing the same companies to raise their prices because they are loosing profits due to pirating.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Home, and Jobs

So, I'm home for the summer, and already going nuts. Need to get a job, any ideas of where to look would be great. So far during the days I have done nothing but watch TV (wasn't feeling to good, going out to look for a job tuesday after I get a haircut) and at night watch tv untill around 1pm. After that there is nothing worth watching on, and so I get nervous. Were so alone where I live that I am really going nuts and I am afraid of being alone here. All the usual things like playing video games doesn't seem apealing, so here I am, scared of my own house, worried that I'll never see anyone ever again for no good reason. Seriosly, going nuts, help!