Friday, June 30, 2006


Hey max found your blog!


Hey Maxwell, thanks for the comment, if you leave your email I can get back to you.

Looking for a new car

Hello people, I'm looking for a car. Would like something at $5000 or less. Looking at manuals or really really cool automatics only. The cars need to be withing 150 miles of Portland, Oregon. Mostly looking at Honda Civics and some Toyotas. If you live within 50 miles of Redlands, California and have a car I could possibly buy it after August 26th, but it has to be a really sweet deal for me to wait that long because my car's AC broke and it would cost $1000 to fix, which is about what the entire car is worth.

Please respond if you or someone you know has a car that fits these criteria, or at least most of them!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am such a loser!

I have been trying out the personal ad section, trying to find someone to chat with. The very few people I have emailed (most of the girls are like, I'm really curvy, like large as fucking hell curvy. I'm sorry, I need to be physically attracted ok!), don't get back to me. So that's it, my "love life" or the lack-there-of, fucking sucks ass.

To top that off, I got into a posting battle with an asshole on and I am pretty sure I fucking lost, made my self look like an idiot, god damn it. Seriously, though, that guy needs a sense of humor, making fun of Canadians is timeless, hell I had friends in highschool who were Canadian, it was great!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh comedy

Just watching Dane Cook on right now, watching one of the 23 minute clips from the Insomniac Tour. He's pretty funny, but one joke pissed me off a bit, the one about the phone camera's. There is still a lot of fucking people out there who don't have camera phones, or if they do, have never used that function because they got the phone free and just wanted a fucking phone! Also, the picture buttons are not all in the same god damned spot, so I think that was a pretty bad joke.

His joke about being drunk and dry heaving at a party is pretty fucking funny. Though the worst thing is total dry heaves the next morning. Happened to me once after a night of not drinking that much, it was weird that way. Anyway, I felt like I was going to die-I was in pain, and every orifice, except my ears, on my head started expelling liquid! My nose was dripping, my mouth watering, but not like normal, my eyes were watery and I couldn't see. It was nuts, and then I felt horrible for the rest of the day.