Monday, October 30, 2006

A Soldier’s Life in Battlefield 2142: Part 1

I was running from the main base, heading for our objective. I heard the sounds of battle ahead in the distance. My pulse quickened. My initial fears were put to the back of my mind, I was excited and angry; my people were fighting for their lives and I wasn’t even there yet. I ran faster.

Upon reaching the top of a small hill, I dove to the ground, pulling my Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle to my shoulder. Looking through the scope, I saw two PAC soldiers approaching an EU soldier. The EU soldier hadn’t seen them. Taking careful aim, I fired, taking one of the PAC soldiers down. The other turns to fire at me, but the EU soldier had heard the first PAC die; he stood up and fired his assault rifle, taking the PAC soldier out.

I kept scanning the battlefield for more targets. There were some PAC soldiers in a bunker about six hundred yards away. I couldn’t get a good shot, so I got up and jogged forward taking cover behind a building. Just then an enemy hover tank appeared from behind a hill to the left of me. It fired its main cannon as I ran for the corner. He missed me, but shrapnel hit my shoulder.

I kept running around the building, pulling out my explosives. The tank was preoccupied with an APC as I ran up behind it. I threw the explosives at it, they stuck to it magnetically as I ran back around the building, pulling out the remote detonator. I hit the trigger, taking comfort in the loud explosion. Just to make sure, I crept back to the edge of the building, and took a peek. Smoking wreckage was all that remained.

I turned back in the direction of my original target; there were still PAC soldiers on the top level of the bunker, firing at my EU brothers. I jogged to hundred yards forward, meeting no resistance. I found a nice spot with a good deal of cover, and once again pulled my sniper rifle to my shoulder, looking through the scope. I fired five shots, expanding my clip, killing two PAC soldiers and injuring a third. As I was reloading, an enemy Walker cam around the bend in the ravine. It’s gunner was looking right at me. I had no where to go . . .

This was originally meant for my game review column in the Bulldog Weekly, the student run newspaper at the University of Redlands, but my editor didn't want to post something that had scenes of people killing each other in her section. Please tell me what you think of the story (i know its not that good) and if you think it is not appropriate for a college newspaper.