Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is it weird?

Is it weird that I want to join the military even though I kind of hate following rules, and really hate stupid rules (which is what the military is full of), and even though I don't think this nation has used it's military in an effective "moral" way since World War 2? I have this urge, almost a need to see combat, and be involved in the combat, unlike a war correspondent which is what I have been thinking about doing these last few months. I logically understand that war is hell, but for some reason I want to see that hell. Maybe I just want to do something with my life besides sit around and learn in college, participate in human rights stuff. I want to see what I am doing up close and personal. I can say this, if in the next 10 years this country goes into a war worth fighting, I would really consider volunteering for combat duty, though special forces would be much "cooler" that being a regular old grunt-that extra training could save me as well.